Public Affairs

Kathleen O’Meara offers expertise on designing strategies and overseeing plans which influence thinking and deliver change, particularly social change. She draws on her experience of policy making, legislation, and strategic communication to devise the best approach to make change happen whether through legislation, policy formation or direct influencing. She engages her extensive network of relationships and contacts when she is in the process of bringing issues to the political and official audience. She advises on the best approach, taking the issue, the context, and the intended outcome into account.


Devising an effective communications strategy is vital to the success of a campaign. Kathleen works to build an integrated strategy, including defining key messages, deploying appropriate language, agreeing actions, and brings her communications expertise to the roll-out of the campaign. She advises on the timing and delivery of the key elements of the campaign so that they land powerfully, gain traction, and are effective.


She offers support in delivering a key message effectively, whether it be on media, to an internal audience, before an Oireachtas Committee, or to an individual public representative or official.


Kathleen is a proficient speech writer. As a former journalist and RTÉ broadcaster, she crafts scripts and speeches which land powerfully for the audience and allow the authentic voice of the speaker to be heard.

Kathleen’s strategic communication and media skills were central to the Irish Cancer Society’s successes in securing the extension of breast cancer screening and the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products. She developed and gave expression to the public voice of the Society in an effective way and played a key role in the development of the Society’s strategy published on its 50th anniversary.